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  29. Plasmodium falciparum malaria sensitivity to quinine in W.T.H.
  30. Predictive value of simple scoring method for screening children.
  31. Childhood asthma: Risk & Triggering factors.
  32. Stimulation of fluid secretion isolarted pancreatic ducts of Guinea pig using cck.
  33. Spirometric reference values for Adult Sudanese Males in Wad Medani City.
  34. The effect of the Castor Seed on the Fertility of the male rabbit.
  35. The effect of Castor seed on the fertility of the female rabbits.
  36. Biochemical assessment of some home-made fluids used for the management of Diarrhoea in Children in the Gezira State.
  37. Iron Status in Infants of Different Socio-economic Group in Gezira State.
  38. Biochemical Profile of Sudanese Pre-eclamptic Subjects.
  39. Biochemical Study in Sudanese patients with Gallstones.
  40. Biochemical & Nutritional Assessment of Breast Milk of Sudanese Women.
  41. Biochemical Change in Diabetic & nondiaetic Sudanese patients during severe malaria.