New discovery of Ganoderma

A new combination of research on Ganoderma

Currently we are cooperating with CNV mushroom farm in Vietnam, to study the effect of Ganoderma.

We found Ganoderma is a precious medicinal plant, originating in southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam. So we are working with them to breed and develop this fungus.

Realizing that after the research process, it was discovered that there are many valuable medicinal herbs in the mushroom, which can help treat many incurable diseases, in addition can be used as tea (a popular drink in Asia ). According to us in addition to Ganoderma, tea is also a drink that deserves attention and should be studied more

Effect of Ganoderma

  • Improve immune system
  • Protect and reduce nerve damage, reduce fatigue
  • Hypotension
  • Increasing sleep, deep sleep, sedation
  • Stimulates eating.
  • Supports cardiovascular, blood circulation, cholesterol reduction
  • Enhance muscle health
  • Prevent tumors, support treatment of certain types of cancer, reduce pathogens.
  • Reduces blood sugar, supports wound healing, enhances eye health, supports kidneys and complications caused by diabetes.
  • Protect and detoxify the liver
  • Support excretion
  • Prevent aging, reduce blemishes, whiten skin

People can see that with these uses, this is considered an effective natural medicine.


CNV Mushroom Farm

This is a farm specializing in growing mushrooms for a long time in Vietnam, with many different fungi, they are very active in the process of developing products to target consumers.
In Vietnam they are famous for the brand “Ganoderma CNV”, this is a product line used by many people, as a health-enhancing food.

People can refer to the research of Ganoderma with CNV Mushroom Farm

Images provided by CNV Mushroom Farm

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