Faculty of Medicine University of Gezira (FMUG)

The Faculty of Medicine University of Gezira (FMUG) was established in 1975.

The main philosophy was to serve the rural community of Gezira area, which compromises the largest irrigated scheme int he Sudan.

The school adopted a community oriented, community based, problem solving and integrated curriculum so as to achieve its main three objectives; student training, research and service.

The student intake started in 1978.The graduation of the first batch was in 1983.

The EDC started together with the start of the school in 1978. At that time it has no physical space, but it was functioning mainly in the aspect of student self-learning and staff development through regular and formal training in medical education in addition to curriculum development,  and educational materials development.

In 1980 it was a section in the library with a medical photographic facilities added and it had a co-ordinator, professor Mohamed Awadalla Salih.

In 1987 it became the Medical Education and Health Manpower Development Centre, and it had its first physical site.

In 1993 it became the Medical Education Development and Research Centre,

In 1995 the EDC Gezira was considered a national centre and designated as a WHO collaborating centre.

The FMUG has got strong links, through the EDC with many partners; Federal Minstry of Health, State Ministry of Health, International health office, WHO, other medical schools in the Sudan, other faculties in the University of Gezira, international health science institutes, the Network of community partnership for health through innovative medical education, research and service