1 Integrated Programme for treatment of diabetic children. (Workshop). 18\1\2007 Plan for the programme Dept. of Pediatrics and PHC FMUG, Ministry of Health Gezira State and Federal Ministry of Social A ferries.
2 University of Gezira Initiative for Safe Childhood and Motherhood. 10\2\2007 – Sudan Obs. And Gyn. Consultants Society.

– visiting consultants.

– NGOs

Presented at Continuining Professional Training Center Federal Ministry of Health.
3 Sudaese Society of Obstetrician and Gyanocologists Conference , Khartoum. 13\2\2007 Participated by Prof Omer and Prog M. ElSanousi.


4 Training Course on Management of Diabetic Children . 12-13\2\07 Doctors, Pediatricians, acadamic staff FMUG, Dr. M. Elhasan, visiting Pediatrician Dr. Mona Anani from Jordon. Protocol for Management.

Trianing of doctors and medical educationists.

5 Training Course on Mangagement of Critical Conditions durinf Pregnancy and Labour. 27-28\3\ 07 Vice Canceller U. of G. ,General Director State Ministery of Health, Dean and staff  FMUG, Dept. Obs.& Gyn. FMUG, visiting consultants  from U.k., Ghana, Syria and Khartoum. Training opf 19 doctors and sisters and were awarded certificates.
6 U. of G Initiative for Prevention of Blindness in Gezira State 31\5\07 State Minister and General director of Ministery of Health, Vice Chanceller U. of G., Dean and staff FMUG, edc Director, Initiatuive coordinator Dr. Mamoun Nerghani and director of ElSayiem Eye Hospital . Consultant Ophthalmologists from Medani and Kharoum.
7 The Third National Seminar of The Sudanese ORL Head and Neck Society : Early Detection and Traetment of Childhood Deafness. 13\6\2007 Vice chaceller U. of G., State minister of Health, Prof. Osman Elmustafa  president of the society, Prof. H. Yagi secretory general, Dean and staff FMUG, doctors, Sudanese  Society of Deaf. – Gezira Initiative of  Early Detection and Treatment of Deafness in Children.

– Agreement for workshop to plan action integraten between ORL Socoety, FMUG, State Ministery of Health.

8 Acadamic Supervisory and Advisory (Workshop). 20-21  6\07 Vice chanceller, Dean and staff FMUG (60) ,Staff members other faculties. – Review of the rules in general, examination regestration , acadamic situations and credit hour system.

-Role 0f acadamic staff.

– Application of supervision and contineous monitering of students  polisy beginning from regestration.

9 Trianing Course in PBL . 26\7\2007 40 Trianing of tutors.

Distribution of tutors to the student groups

9. Training programme on : Acute life threatening Events- Recognition and treatment (ALERT) 19.8.2007 28 Doctors Doctors trained on ALERT
10. Training programme for Doctors on integrated management of childhood diabetes 20-23.8.2007 60 Doctors Doctors trained on the management of childhood diabetes
11. Establishment of the Evident  Based Medical Education Unit SEPT.2007 – setting the objectives of   the unit

– the head of the unit


12. The second training programme  on academic councelling  and student support 22-24.9.2007 50 staff members (FMUG) and faculties of Health Sciences Staff members trained on academic councelling and students support.
13. The first National conference of the union of Sudanese medical students associations .


27-31 10.2007 300 medical students from 14 medical schools Students oriented on the concept of leadership, and strategies of innovative medical education. medical students elected the executive committee for the  medical students union.
14. Practical procedures 28/10/2007 50 medical students Students acquainted with the use of audio visual aids
15. Training programme for Doctors in rural hospitals (integrated management of childhood diabetes) 24-27.10.2007 20 Doctors Doctors able to use the guidelines for management of diabetes in children
16. Scientic seminar (mental health in a changing world) 1.11.2007 200 Doctors , psychologists and students.
17. Lecture: R-type MCQs by Prof. Ismail Laher . University of British Columbia, Canada. 21.11.2007 150 staff members(FMUG) and the Faculties of health sciences staff members able to write R-type MCQs
18. Training programme on Student Assessment 28-29.11.2007 30 staff members

Prof. James ware

Prof. Mohi Magzoub

Dr. Ibrahim Elwan

 Staff members able to use different student assessment tools.


19. Training programme on the management of high Blood Pressure. 30.11.2007 40 Doctors Doctors acquainted with the guidelines for the management of  high Blood Pressure
20. Orientation course on the use of ECG. 11.12.2007 80 medical students Students oriented on the use of ECG.
21. Training programme on the management of diabetes 15.12.2007 40 doctors Doctors being trained on the management of diabetes in adults.
22. Training programme on ALERT. 17.12.2007 30 doctors Doctors trained on ALERT.
23. Programme Review (EDC curriculum and evaluation committee meetings). * 15.5.2007

* 3.7.2007

* 21.10.2007

* 16.12.2007


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